The Machine Room
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The Machine Room is Back!
This is the recovered Machine Room from 2005. Please don't expect wonders. The look and feel of this site is nine years old, and so is its code. Some of the functionality has been recovered while the rest of the site is modernised and restructured. Watch this space!
Top :: Statistics
Here are the Machine Room's vital statistics as of this moment (you should also see the charts page). Perfect for the statistics addict and administrator alike. Other, more specific statistics you might be interested in:
Total Computers 2,342 100.00% Browse
Entries Awaiting Update 952 40.65% Browse
Computers With Updated Entries 335 14.30% Browse
Computers Referenced Without Entries 1,055 45.05%  
Total Entry Size (raw XML) 3.29 MiB  
Entry Quality (All Entries) -0.307  
Entry Quality (Updated Entries) 0.143  
Max Quality 1  
Picture Archive
Number of Pictures 946   Browse
Image Sources 263   Browse
Users Who Contributed Pictures 33  
Total Size (excluding thumbnails) 106 MiB  
Users With Collections 1,167  
Total Computers Owned by Users 4,102 avg 3.51  
Total Computers Previously Owned by Users 810 avg 0.69  
Total Computers Spotted by Users 773 avg 0.66  
Miscellaneous Counts
Companies 212   Browse
Users 3,224   Browse
Contributors 1,249   Browse