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040, NeXT


100, Sun Microsystems

10000/35, NCR

10000/55, NCR

10000/65, NCR

100U, Sun Microsystems

102, NCR

102A, NCR

102D, NCR

1040ST, Atari

1040STE, Atari

1040STE+, Atari

1040STF, Atari

1040STFM, Atari

1040STm, Atari

107, NCR

1100, Xerox

1102, Sun Microsystems

1104, Sun Microsystems

1106, Univac

1107, Univac

1108, Univac

1108, Sun Microsystems

1108, Xerox

1108 II, Univac

1109, Xerox

1110, Univac

1130, IBM

115, Olivetti

116, Commodore

1186, Xerox

1200, Tandon

1200, Atari

1200XL, Atari

1200XL-S, Atari

120D, NCR

125I, Compucorp

130ST, Atari

130XE, Atari

1400XL, Atari

1401 (Card), IBM

1401 (Mag Tape), IBM

1401-H, IBM

1410, IBM

1440, IBM

1450XLD, Atari

1460, IBM

1600, Eagle

16000, Hitachi

1620, IBM


170, Sun Microsystems

1710, IBM

1720, IBM

1800, IBM

186, Altos

186-5400 Series, Micro Dolphin

186-G10, Altos

1907E, ICL

1908A, ICL


2/120, Sun Microsystems

2/130, Sun Microsystems

2/160, Sun Microsystems

2/170, Sun Microsystems

2/50, Sun Microsystems

2000, MAI

2002, Siemens

2020, ITT

2080ST, Atari

2200, Wang

2200B, Wang

2200C, Wang

2200PCS, Wang

232, Commodore

2600, Atari

2600, Fujitzu

260ST, Atari

264, Commodore

2900, ICL

2903, ICL

2904, ICL

2950, ICL

2953, ICL

2957, ICL

2960, ICL

2966, ICL

2970, ICL

2980, ICL

299, NCR

2b5, AT&T


3/110, Sun Microsystems

3/140, Sun Microsystems

3/150, Sun Microsystems

3/160, Sun Microsystems

3/180, Sun Microsystems

3/260, Sun Microsystems

3/280, Sun Microsystems

3/460, Sun Microsystems

3/470, Sun Microsystems

3/480, Sun Microsystems

3/50, Sun Microsystems

3/60, Sun Microsystems

3/60LE, Sun Microsystems

3/75, Sun Microsystems

3/80, Sun Microsystems

3003, Siemens

3008, Commodore

3016, Commodore

303, NCR

303, Siemens

3030, ITT

3030 16, ITT

3030/16, ITT

3031, IBM

3032, IBM

3032, Commodore

3033, IBM

3033AP, IBM

3033M, IBM

304, NCR


3081-BX, IBM

3081-CX, IBM

3081-GX, IBM

3081-KX, IBM

3083-EX, IBM

3083-JX, IBM

3084-QX, IBM

3090-120S, IBM

3090-150S, IBM

3090-170S, IBM

3090-180S, IBM

3090-200S, IBM

3090-280S, IBM

3090-300S, IBM

3090-400S, IBM

3090-500S, IBM

3090-600S, IBM

310, NCR

310, Siemens

315, NCR


315-100, NCR

315/RMC-501, NCR

315/RMC-502, NCR

320, Siemens

325, Compucorp

325, DEC

327, Compucorp

330, Siemens

3330-300, Siemens

340, Siemens

3400 Series, Micro Dolphin

350, DEC

360/195, IBM

360/20, IBM

360/25, IBM

360/30, IBM

360/40, IBM

360/44, IBM

360/50, IBM

360/65, IBM

360/67, IBM

360/75, IBM

360/85, IBM

360/90, IBM

360/91, IBM

364, Commodore

3650, NCR

3690, NCR

3695, NCR

370, NCR

370/115, IBM

370/125, IBM

370/138, IBM

370/148, IBM

370/158, IBM

370/168, IBM

380, DEC

381, Compucorp

386i/150, Sun Microsystems

386i/250, Sun Microsystems

390, NCR

395, NCR

3B1, AT&T

3B15, AT&T

3B2, AT&T

3B2/310, AT&T

3B20A, AT&T

3B20D, AT&T

3B20S, AT&T


400, Compucorp

400, Atari

4004-150, Siemens

4004-151, Siemens

4004/15, Siemens

4004/150, Siemens

4004/151, Siemens

4004/25, Siemens

4004/35, Siemens

4004/45, Siemens

4004/55, Siemens

4005-45, Siemens

4008 B, Commodore

4008 N, Commodore

4016 B, Commodore

4016 N, Commodore

4032 B, Commodore

4032 N, Commodore

4160ST, Atari

421, Compucorp

425, Compucorp

4300, IBM

4331, IBM

4341, IBM

4381, IBM

4381-MG11, IBM

4381-MG12, IBM

4381-MG13, IBM

4381-MG14, IBM

4381-MG21, IBM

4381-MG22, IBM

4381-MG24, IBM

450, Compucorp

481, Compucorp

499, NCR





500, NCR

500, Data General

500, Commodore

5000MC, Tandon

505, Commodore

510, Commodore

5100, IBM

5120, IBM

5200, Atari

5200 Supersystem, Atari

520ST, Atari

520ST+, Atari

520STE, Atari

520STFM, Atari

520STm, Atari


525A, ISC

530, Xerox

550, Xerox

560, Xerox

5620, NCR

5660, NCR

590, NCR


600, Compucorp

6000, NEC

6000, Siemens

600XL, Atari

6016s, Kienzle

604, IBM

607, IBM

608, IBM

6085, Xerox

609, IBM

610, Compucorp

610, Commodore

610 Autopoint, IBM

6100, Intersil

620, Commodore

625, Compucorp

630, Commodore

645, Compucorp

650, IBM

655, Compucorp

65XE, Atari

65XEM, Atari

65XEP, Atari

665, Compucorp

680-40, Altos

6800, SWTPC

6800-2, SWTPC

6800/2, SWTPC

68000, Altos

685, Compucorp


7000, Sanco

7000CP, NCR

701, IBM

701 (CORE), IBM

7010, IBM

702, IBM

7030, IBM

704, IBM

7040, IBM

7044, IBM

705 Model 1, IBM

705 Model 2, IBM

705 Model 3, IBM

7070, IBM

7072, IBM

7074, IBM

7080, IBM

709, IBM

7090, IBM

7094, IBM

7094 II, IBM

710, Commodore

720, Commodore

7200 Model VI, NCR

720C, Wang

721-II, NCR

730, Commodore

7500, Siemens

7700, IBM

7720, Siemens

7722, Siemens

7730, Siemens

7750, Siemens

7750, IBM

7755, Siemens

7800, Atari

7800, Siemens

7800 Prosystem, Atari


800, Atari

800, Data General

8000, NCR

8000, SBS

8001 CRT, ISC

8008, Commodore

800XE, Atari

800XL, Atari

801, IBM

8016, Commodore

8030, MAI

8032, Commodore

8032 SK, Commodore

8051, Intecolor

8090-5052, Nixdorf

8096, Commodore

8096 D, Commodore

8096 SK, Commodore

8100, NCR

820, Xerox

820-II, Xerox

8200, NCR

8250, NCR

8296, Commodore

8296 D, Commodore

8300, NCR

8400, NCR

8500, NCR

8510/a, Terak

8550, NCR

8560, NCR

8600, Altos

8600, NCR

8800, Hitachi

8810/25-CPC, Nixdorf

8810/65-SPC, Nixdorf

8810/65-SWS, Nixdorf

8850, Nixdorf

8850/85, Nixdorf

8855/10, Nixdorf

8860/05, Nixdorf

8860/10, Nixdorf

8860/40, Nixdorf

8870/10, Nixdorf

8870/35, Nixdorf

8870/45, Nixdorf

8870/50, Nixdorf

8870/65, Nixdorf

8890-1012, Nixdorf

8890-3032, Nixdorf

8890-7072, Nixdorf


900, Commodore

9033, Kienzle

9044, Kienzle

9055, Kienzle

9066, Kienzle

9077, Kienzle

9122, Kienzle

9133/9144, Kienzle

9155/9166, Kienzle

9177/9188, Kienzle

9300, NCR

9373 model 20, IBM

9373 model 30, IBM

9373 model 40, IBM

9375 model 50, IBM

9375 model 60, IBM

9377 model 80, IBM

9377 model 90, IBM

9400, NCR

9500, NCR

9800, NCR


A3000, Acorn

A3010, Acorn

A3020, Acorn

A305, Acorn

A310, Acorn

A4, Acorn

A4000, Acorn

A410, Acorn

A410/1, Acorn

A420/1, Acorn

A440, Acorn

A440/1, Acorn

A5, Olivetti

A500, Acorn

A5000, Acorn

A540, Acorn

A6, Olivetti

A680, Acorn

A7, Olivetti

A7000, Acorn

A7000 Expanded, Acorn

A7000 Net, Acorn

A7000+, Acorn

ABC 100, Acorn

ABC 110, Acorn

ABC 200, Acorn

ABC 210, Acorn

ABC 300, Acorn

ABC 310, Acorn

ABC PA, Acorn

ABC Terminal, Acorn

ABC-24, AI Electronics

ABC-26, AI Electronics

ABC-80, Luxor

ABC-800, Luxor

ABC-802, Luxor

ABC-806, Luxor

ACE 10, Franklin

ACE 100, Franklin

ACE 1000, Franklin

ACE 1100, Franklin

ACE 1200, Franklin

ACE 500, Franklin

Acorn Business Computer 100, Acorn

Acorn Business Computer 110, Acorn

Acorn Business Computer 200, Acorn

Acorn Business Computer 210, Acorn

Acorn Business Computer 300, Acorn

Acorn Business Computer 310, Acorn

Acorn Business Computer PA, Acorn

Acorn Business Computer Terminal, Acorn

Acorn Microcomputer, Acorn

ACOS 1500/10, NEC

ACOS 1500/20, NEC

ACOS 1500/30, NEC

ACOS 1500/40, NEC



ACS-1086, Altos

ACS-1086-40, Altos

ACS-1086-80, Altos

ACS-186, Altos

ACS-186-G10, Altos

ACS-2086, Altos

ACS-3068, Altos

ACS-3068 EP, Altos

ACS-3086, Altos

ACS-486, Altos

ACS-580, Altos

ACS-580-10, Altos

ACS-580-15, Altos

ACS-580-2, Altos

ACS-580-20, Altos

ACS-580-40, Altos

ACS-586, Altos

ACS-68000, Altos

ACS-686, Altos

ACS-68X, Altos

ACS-8000, Altos

ACS-8000-1, Altos

ACS-8000-2, Altos

ACS-8000-3, Altos

ACS-8000-4, Altos

ACS-8600, Altos

ACS-886, Altos

ACS-986, Altos

Adam, Coleco

ADD-X, Unknown

Advantage, North Star

Advantage 8/16, North Star

ADX-9303, ITT

AIM 65, Rockwell

AIM-65, Rockwell

Alcyane A6E, MBC

Alice, Matra

Alice 90, Matra

Alphatronic PC-1, Triumph Adler

Alphatronic PC-16, Triumph Adler

Alphatronic PC-2, Triumph Adler

Alphatronic PC-50, Triumph Adler

Alphatronic PC-60, Triumph Adler

Alphatronic PC-L1, Triumph Adler

Altair 680, MITS

Altair 8800, MITS

Altair 8800a, MITS

Altair 8800b, MITS

Altair 8800b Turnkey, MITS

Alto, Xerox

Alto 2, Xerox

Amiga 1000, Commodore

Amiga 1200, Commodore

Amiga 1500, Commodore

Amiga 2000, Commodore

Amiga 2000A, Commodore

Amiga 2500/20, Commodore

Amiga 2500/30, Commodore

Amiga 2500/UX, Commodore

Amiga 3000, Commodore

Amiga 4000, Commodore

Amiga 4000T, Commodore

Amiga 500, Commodore

Amiga 500 Plus, Commodore

Amiga 600, Commodore

Amiga 600HD, Commodore

AN/USQ-17, Univac

AN/USQ-20, Univac

AN/UYK-8, Univac


Apple, Apple

Apple I, Apple

Apple II, Apple

Apple II Plus, Apple

Apple IIc, Apple

Apple IIc Plus, Apple

Apple IIe, Apple

Apple IIe Extended, Apple

Apple IIgs, Apple

Apple III, Apple

Apple III Plus, Apple

Apple Macintosh 128K, Apple

Apricot F1, ACT

Apricot F10, ACT

Apricot F2, ACT

Apricot PC, ACT

Apricot Portable, ACT

Apricot Xi, ACT

Aquarius, Mattel Electronics

Aquarius 2, Mattel Electronics

Archimedes 3000, Acorn

Archimedes 305, Acorn

Archimedes 310, Acorn

Archimedes 410, Acorn

Archimedes 410/1, Acorn

Archimedes 420/1, Acorn

Archimedes 440, Acorn

Archimedes 440/1, Acorn

Archimedes 5000, Acorn

Archimedes 540, Acorn

AS-100, Canon

AS400, IBM

Astra 310vs, NEC

Astra 330vs, NEC

Astra 350vs, NEC

Astra 370vs, NEC

Astra 430, NEC

Astra 450, NEC

Astra 470, NEC

Astra XL/32, NEC

Atari PC, Atari

Athena, CES

Atlas 10/25, ICL

Atlas Guidance Computer, Burroughs

Atmos, Oric

Atom, Acorn

Attache, Otrona

Audit 5, Olivetti

Audit 7, Olivetti

AVC777, Aval

AViiON, Data General

AX-20, Axel

AX-25A, Axel

AX-25B, Axel

AX170, Sakhr

AX350, Sakhr

AX500, Sakhr


B 100, Burroughs

B 160, Burroughs

B 170, Burroughs

B 1700, Burroughs

B 1709, Burroughs

B 1720-1, Burroughs

B 1726, Burroughs

B 1728, Burroughs

B 180, Burroughs

B 1855, Burroughs

B 1990, Burroughs

B 2000, Burroughs

B 205, Burroughs

B 210, Burroughs

B 220, Burroughs

B 250, Burroughs

B 2500, Burroughs

B 251, Burroughs

B 260, Burroughs

B 263, Burroughs

B 270, Burroughs

B 273, Burroughs

B 2771-1, Burroughs

B 280, Burroughs

B 2802, Burroughs

B 283, Burroughs

B 2925, Burroughs

B 2930, Burroughs

B 300, Burroughs

B 3500, Burroughs

B 370, Burroughs

B 3700, Burroughs

B 3800, Burroughs

B 3955, Burroughs

B 3965, Burroughs

B 4700, Burroughs

B 4784, Burroughs

B 4800, Burroughs

B 4925, Burroughs

B 4955, Burroughs

B 500, Burroughs

B 5000, Burroughs

B 5500, Burroughs

B 5700, Burroughs

B 5900, Burroughs

B 6500, Burroughs

B 6700, Burroughs

B 6803, Burroughs

B 6808-2, Burroughs

B 6900, Burroughs

B 6925, Burroughs

B 720, Burroughs

B 730, Burroughs

B 7500, Burroughs

B 766, Burroughs

B 770, Burroughs

B 7700, Burroughs

B 7800, Burroughs

B 7900, Burroughs

B 80, Burroughs

B 800, Burroughs

B 8500, Burroughs

B 866, Burroughs

B 876, Burroughs

B 96, Burroughs

B128-40, Commodore

B128-80, Commodore

B20, Burroughs

B25, Burroughs

B256-40, Commodore

B256-80, Commodore

B500, Commodore

BASIC 2000, Lambda Electronics Limited

BASIC 3000, Lambda Electronics Limited

Basis 108, Basis

Basis Junior, Basis

BBC, Acorn

BBC Master 128, Acorn

BBC Master 512, Acorn

BBC Master Compact, Acorn

BBC Master EC, Acorn

BBC Master Turbo, Acorn

BBC Micro, Acorn

BBC Model A, Acorn

BBC Model B, Acorn

BBC Model B Plus, Acorn

BiC, Hewlett-Packard

Big Board, Digital Research Computers

BINAC, Univac

BIT 60, Bit Corporation

BIT 90, Bit Corporation



Black Box, Rair

Blit, AT&T

Bondwell 12, Bondwell

Bondwell 14, Bondwell

Bondwell 16, Bondwell

Boss, Olympia

Briefcase Communicator, Acorn

BSP, Burroughs

Bueroassistent, Wang

Business-Pro, Texas Instruments

BX 3D, Canon

BYT-8, Byte Computers


C-10, Cromemco

C-Frame, Comart Computers

C/300 Eclipse, Data General

CAB65, Unknown

Cadmus FX.1 Workstation, PCS

Cambridge Workstation, Acorn


Case, Grid

CAT, Dick Smith Electronics

CC-40, Texas Instruments

CD32, Commodore

CDTV, Commodore

CE 8/256, Reckers-Digitaltechnik

CE-16, Xerox

Cenju-3, NEC

Centurion, Wang

Century 100, NCR

Century 101, NCR

Century 200, NCR

Century 251, NCR

Century 300, NCR

Century 50, NCR

Century 8200, NCR

CF-150B, Panasonic

CF-16, Xerox

CF2000, National

CF2000, Panasonic

CF2700, Panasonic

CF3000, Panasonic

CF3300, Panasonic

Challenger 1P, Ohio Scientific, Inc.

Chameleon, Seequa

CiP, Intreprinderea Electronica

CoCo, Tandy Radio Shack

CoCo 2, Tandy Radio Shack

CoCo 3, Tandy Radio Shack

Colecovision, Coleco

Color Genie, EACA

Commodore 128, Commodore

Commodore 128D, Commodore

Commodore 16, Commodore

Commodore 64, Commodore

Commodore 65, Commodore

Commodore LCD, Commodore

Communicator, Comart Computers

Communicator, Acorn

Compass, Grid

CompuColor II, RCA

CompuColor-II, RCA


CoNCord, Acorn

Convertible, IBM

Copam PC401, Unknown

Corona, Mathiesen Daten

Corona PC-HD, Mathiesen Daten

Corvus Concept, Corvus Systems

Cosmac ELF, RCA

Cosmac ELF II, RCA



CPC 464, Schneider

CPC 464, Amstrad

CPC 464 Plus, Amstrad

CPC 6128, Schneider

CPC 6128, Amstrad

CPC 6128 Plus, Amstrad

CPC 664, Amstrad

CPC 664, Schneider

CPC300, Daewoo

CPC400, Daewoo

CPC400S, Daewoo

CreatiVision, Video Technology


Criterion 8550, NCR

Criterion 8570, NCR

CS-0, Cromemco

CS-1, Cromemco

CS-2, Cromemco

CS-3, Cromemco


CTM 9016, Unknown

Cube, NeXT

CX 1, Canon

CX-5, Yamaha

CX-5 Mk II, Yamaha


D 103, Burroughs

D 107, Burroughs

D 201, Burroughs

D 202, Burroughs

D 203, Burroughs

D 204, Burroughs

D 205, Burroughs

D 208, Burroughs

D 209, Burroughs

D 210, Burroughs

D 825, Burroughs

D 830, Burroughs

D 84, Burroughs





Datatron 204, Burroughs

Datatron 220, Burroughs

Datavue 150, Datavue

Datavue 25, Datavue

DC186, Mitsubishi

DDM1, Burroughs

DE525, Olivetti

Decision, Morrow

Decision II, Morrow

Decision Mate V, NCR

DECmate I, DEC




DECstation 2100, DEC

DECstation 3100, DEC

DECstation 5000, DEC

DECstation-2100, DEC

DECstation-3100, DEC

DECstation-5000, DEC

DECsystem 1088, DEC

DECsystem 20, DEC

DECsystem 3100, DEC

DECsystem 5000, DEC

DECsystem 5400, DEC

DECsystem-1088, DEC

DECsystem-20, DEC

DECsystem-3100, DEC

DECsystem-5000, DEC

DECsystem-5400, DEC

DeskPro, Compaq

DeskPro 286, Compaq

DeskPro 386, Compaq

DG/One, Data General

Diana, Apple

Dimension, NeXT

Dimension, North Star

Dimension 68000, Unknown

DN100, Apollo

DN10000, Apollo

DN2500, Apollo

DN300, Apollo

DN3000, Apollo

DN3010, Apollo

DN3010A, Apollo

DN3020, Apollo

DN3040, Apollo

DN320, Apollo

DN330, Apollo

DN3500, Apollo

DN3540, Apollo

DN3550, Apollo

DN400, Apollo

DN4000, Apollo

DN420, Apollo

DN4500, Apollo

DN460, Apollo

DN550, Apollo

DN5500, Apollo

DN560, Apollo

DN570, Apollo

DN570T, Apollo

DN580, Apollo

DN580T, Apollo

DN590, Apollo

DN590T, Apollo

DN600, Apollo

DN660, Apollo

DN660A, Apollo

Dolphin, Xerox

Dorado, Xerox

DOT, Unknown

DOT, Computer Devices

DPC 64, YENO Elektronik

DPC-200, Daewoo

DPH-64, Daewoo

Dragon, Xerox

Dragon 32, Dragon Data

Dragon 64, Dragon Data


DS 714, Philips

DS/4000, Data General

DS/4200, Data General

DSP160, Apollo

DSP80, Apollo

DSP80A, Apollo

DSP90, Apollo

Duet-16, Panafacom Limited

DX-64, Commodore

DY 80, Darley


E 101, Burroughs

E 102, Burroughs

E 103, Burroughs

Eagle, Multitech

Eagle IIE, Eagle

eaZy-PC, Zenith

EB 68/20 System 1, KWS

EC 1040, Hewlett-Packard

EC-1040, Hewlett-Packard

ECB 85, Siemens

ECB-85, Siemens

Eclipse, Data General

Eclipse MV, Data General

Eclipse MV/10000SX, Data General

Eclipse MV/15000-10, Data General

Eclipse MV/15000-20, Data General

Eclipse MV/15000-8, Data General

Eclipse MV/20000, Data General

Eclipse MV/4000, Data General

Eclipse MV/4000DC, Data General

Eclipse MV/7800, Data General

Eclipse MV/7800DC, Data General

Eclipse MV/7800DCX, Data General

Eclipse MV/7800XP, Data General

Eclipse MV/8000C, Data General

Eclipse MV/8000II, Data General

Eclipse S/100, Data General

Eclipse S/200, Data General

Educator 64, Commodore

Einstein, Tatung

ELEA 4000, Olivetti

ELEA 4001, Olivetti

ELEA 6000, Olivetti

ELEA 6001, Olivetti

ELEA 9002, Olivetti

ELEA 9003, Olivetti

Electron, Acorn

Encore, Osborne

Enterprise 128, Enterprise Computers

Enterprise 64, Enterprise Computers

Ergo PC, Kontron

Eurocom1, Unknown

Eurocom2, Unknown

EuroPC, Schneider

EW-100, Toshiba

Executive, Osborne

Executive II, Osborne

EXL 100, ExelVision

Exorset, Motorola

Exorset 30, Motorola

Expert 1.0, Gradiente

Expert 1.1, Gradiente

Expert DD Plus, Gradiente

Express, Spectravideo


FACOM 231, Fujitzu

FACOM 241, Fujitzu

FACOM M-380, Fujitzu

FACOM M780/10R, Fujitzu

FACOM-100, Fujitzu

FACOM-128, Fujitzu

FACOM-128a, Fujitzu

FACOM-138, Fujitzu

FACOM-200M, Fujitzu

FACOM-201, Fujitzu

FACOM-212, Fujitzu

FACOM-222, Fujitzu

FACOM-230, Fujitzu

FACOM-230/10, Fujitzu

FACOM-230/20, Fujitzu

FACOM-230/5, Fujitzu

FACOM-230/50, Fujitzu

FACOM-230/75, Fujitzu

FACOM-230/8, Fujitzu

FACOM-270, Fujitzu

FACOM-R, Fujitzu

Falcon, Atari

Falcon 030, Atari

FC-100, Goldstar

FC-200, Goldstar

File 0, Univac

File 1, Univac

File 2, Univac

FM-7, Fujitzu

Force Profi Kit2, Unknown

Fortune 32:16, Fortune Systems

FP-100, Fujitzu

FP-1000, Casio

FP-1100, Casio

FP-200, Casio

FP-6000, Casio

FS-5500F1, National

FS-5500F2, National

FSA1WX, Panasonic

FX-700P, Casio

FX-702P, Casio

FX-720, Casio

FX-730P, Casio

FX-750, Casio

FX-770P, Casio

FX-80, Epson

FX-801P, Casio

FX-850, Casio

FX-9000P, Casio

FX-9000P, Epson


G7000, Philips

G7400, Philips

Gemini 801, Unknown

Gemini 801, Gemini

Gemini Guidance Computer, IBM

Genie 16A, TCS Trommeschlaeger

Genie 16B, TCS Trommeschlaeger

Genie 16C, TCS Trommeschlaeger

Genie 5, TCS Trommeschlaeger

Genie I, TCS Trommeschlaeger

Genie II, TCS Trommeschlaeger

Genie III, TCS Trommeschlaeger

Genie IIIs, TCS Trommeschlaeger

Genie IIs, TCS Trommeschlaeger

Gescomp 722, Gespac

Goupil 1, Goupil

Goupil 2, Goupil

Goupil 3, Goupil

Guepard, HBN Computer

GX-4000, Amstrad


H-11, Heathkit

H-8, Heathkit

H-89, Heathkit

H-9, Heathkit

H1-Transputer, Unknown

H18, Heathkit

H80, Hitachi


HB-10, Sony

HB-101, Sony

HB-20, Sony

HB-201, Sony

HB-501, Sony

HB-55, Sony

HB-75B, Sony

HB-F1XD, Sony

HB-F700, Sony






HCX-7, Harris

HCX-9, Harris

Hector HRX, Micronique

Hector Lambda, Micronique

Hector Lambda II, Micronique

Hector MX, Micronique

HIPAC 101, Hitachi

HIPAC 103, Hitachi

HIPAC-1, Hitachi

HIPAC-301, Hitachi

Hit Bit, Sony

Hit-Bit, Sony

HITAC 1, Hitachi

HITAC 10 II, Hitachi

HITAC 102, Hitachi

HITAC 20, Hitachi

HITAC 201, Hitachi

HITAC 301, Hitachi

HITAC 3010, Hitachi

HITAC 3030, Hitachi

HITAC 4010, Hitachi

HITAC 501, Hitachi

HITAC 502, Hitachi

HITAC 5020, Hitachi

HITAC 5020E, Hitachi

HITAC 8000, Hitachi

HITAC 8100, Hitachi

HITAC 8200, Hitachi

HITAC 8300, Hitachi

HITAC 8400, Hitachi

HITAC 8500, Hitachi

HITAC L-330, Hitachi

HITAC M, Hitachi

HITAC M-150, Hitachi

HITAC S-810/10, Hitachi

HITAC S-810/20, Hitachi

HITAC S-820/60, Hitachi

HITAC S-820/80, Hitachi

Hobbit, AT&T

Horizon, North Star

Horizon 8/16, North Star

Horizon-2, North Star

HP-1000, Hewlett-Packard

HP-1000 model 80, Hewlett-Packard

HP-1000A, Hewlett-Packard

HP-1000E, Hewlett-Packard

HP-1000F, Hewlett-Packard

HP-1000M, Hewlett-Packard

HP-110, Hewlett-Packard

HP-120, Hewlett-Packard

HP-125, Hewlett-Packard

HP-150, Hewlett-Packard

HP-150 II, Hewlett-Packard

HP-200, Hewlett-Packard

HP-2000, Hewlett-Packard

HP-2000-A, Hewlett-Packard

HP-2100, Hewlett-Packard

HP-2100-A, Hewlett-Packard

HP-2100-S, Hewlett-Packard

HP-2105A, Hewlett-Packard

HP-2108A, Hewlett-Packard

HP-2114, Hewlett-Packard

HP-2114-A, Hewlett-Packard

HP-2114-B, Hewlett-Packard

HP-2114-C, Hewlett-Packard

HP-2115-A, Hewlett-Packard

HP-2115-B, Hewlett-Packard

HP-2116, Hewlett-Packard

HP-2116-A, Hewlett-Packard

HP-2116-B, Hewlett-Packard

HP-2116-C, Hewlett-Packard

HP-21MX, Hewlett-Packard

HP-21MX K, Hewlett-Packard

HP-250, Hewlett-Packard

HP-260, Hewlett-Packard

HP-28, Hewlett-Packard

HP-3000, Hewlett-Packard

HP-3000 series 30, Hewlett-Packard

HP-3000 series 33, Hewlett-Packard

HP-3000 series 52, Hewlett-Packard

HP-3000 series 58, Hewlett-Packard

HP-3000 series 70, Hewlett-Packard

HP-3000 series 925, Hewlett-Packard

HP-3000 series 930, Hewlett-Packard

HP-3000 series 935, Hewlett-Packard

HP-3000 series 950, Hewlett-Packard

HP-3000 series 955, Hewlett-Packard

HP-3000-II, Hewlett-Packard

HP-3000-III, Hewlett-Packard

HP-3000CX, Hewlett-Packard

HP-41C, Hewlett-Packard

HP-41CV, Hewlett-Packard

HP-41CX, Hewlett-Packard

HP-71, Hewlett-Packard

HP-71LX, Hewlett-Packard

HP-75, Hewlett-Packard

HP-83, Hewlett-Packard

HP-85, Hewlett-Packard

HP-85B, Hewlett-Packard

HP-86, Hewlett-Packard

HP-87, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9000/715, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9000/725, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9000/730, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9000/735, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9000/825S, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9000/825SRX, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9000/835E, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9000/835S, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9000/840, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9000/840S, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9000/850S, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9100A, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9100B, Hewlett-Packard

HP-94, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9810A, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9816, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9816C, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9820A, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9825, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9826, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9830A, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9831, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9831A, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9835A, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9836, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9845, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9845A, Hewlett-Packard

HP-9915, Hewlett-Packard

HP400DL, Apollo

HP400S, Apollo

HP400T, Apollo

HP425E, Apollo

HP425S, Apollo

HP425T, Apollo

HP433S, Apollo

HP433T, Apollo

HT 1080 Z, Unknown

Hunter, Husky Computers

Husky, Husky Computers

HX-10, Toshiba

HX-20, Epson

HX-20, Toshiba

HX-22, Toshiba

HX-23, Toshiba

HX-34, Toshiba


I-9000, NCR

iAPX 432, Intel

ICON 1, Burroughs

ICS Trainer, Integrated Computer Systems

IF-800, OKI

II Plus, Bell & Howell

ILLIAC IV, Burroughs

Imagination Machine, APF

Imagination Machine II, APF


Indigo, Silicon Graphics

Indy, Silicon Graphics

Integral PC, Hewlett-Packard

Intellec 4, Intel

Intellec 4-40, Intel

Intellec 8, Intel

Intellec-4, Intel

Intellec-8, Intel

Intellivision, Mattel Electronics

Intercept Jr, Intersil

Interpreter, Burroughs



iPSC 860, Intel

iPSC/1, Intel

iPSC/2, Intel

iPSC/860, Intel

IQ-1000, Daewoo

IQ-7000, Sharp

IQ164, Oric

IS11, Sord

IS11c, Sord

ITT 025, ITT


JR200, Panasonic

JR300, Panasonic

Jupiter Ace, Jupiter Cantab

Jupiter Ace 4000, Jupiter Cantab

Jupiter-233, Strawberry Computers



K-Frame, Comart Computers

Kaycomp, Non Linear Systems

Kaypro 1, Non Linear Systems

Kaypro 10, Non Linear Systems

Kaypro 12, Non Linear Systems

Kaypro 16, Non Linear Systems

Kaypro 2, Non Linear Systems

Kaypro 2000, Non Linear Systems

Kaypro 2X, Non Linear Systems

Kaypro 4, Non Linear Systems

Kaypro 4X, Non Linear Systems

Kaypro II, Non Linear Systems

Kaypro IV, Non Linear Systems

Kaypro Robie, Non Linear Systems

KC 85/3, Hewlett-Packard

KC 85/4, Hewlett-Packard

KC 87, Hewlett-Packard

KC Compact, Hewlett-Packard

KC85, Kyocera

Kenback-1, Kenbak

KIM-1, MOS Technologies

Komtek 1, Raebiger Microcomputer

Komtek-1, Raebiger Microcomputer


L4000, Burroughs

L9000, Burroughs

Lab Calculator, Burroughs

Lambda 8300, Lambda Electronics Limited

Laptop, Gavilan

LARC, Univac

Laser 100, Video Technology

Laser 110, Video Technology

Laser 128, Video Technology

Laser 128 EX, Video Technology

Laser 16, Video Technology

Laser 200, Video Technology

Laser 2001, Video Technology

Laser 210, Video Technology

Laser 300, Video Technology

Laser 3000, Video Technology

Laser 310, Video Technology

Laser 350, Video Technology

Laser 50, Video Technology

Laser 500, Video Technology

Laser MSX2, Sanyo

Laser Pad, Video Technology

Laser Prestige, Video Technology

LCA, Apple

LE-10, Canon

Lisa, Apple

Lisa 2, Apple

LNW 80, LNW Research

LNW I, LNW Research

LNW II, LNW Research

LTE, Compaq

Lynx 128, Camputers

Lynx 48, Camputers

Lynx 64, Camputers

Lynx 96, Camputers


M-180, Fujitzu

M-190, Fujitzu

M10, Olivetti

M1000, APF

M160, Hitachi

M160 II, Hitachi

M180, Hitachi

M19, Acorn

M20, Olivetti

M21, Olivetti

M23, Sord

M23 Mark II, Sord

M23 Mark III, Sord

M23 Mark IV, Sord

M23 Mark X, Sord

M23P, Sord

M24, Olivetti

M243 EX, Sord

M280, Hitachi

M343 SX, Sord

M4, Acorn

M5, Sord

M68, Sord

Macintosh XL, Apple

Macintosh, Apple

Macintosh 512K, Apple

Macintosh 512KE, Apple

Macintosh Classic, Apple

Macintosh Classic II, Apple

Macintosh ED, Apple

Macintosh II, Apple

Macintosh IIci, Apple

Macintosh IIcx, Apple

Macintosh IIfx, Apple

Macintosh IIsi, Apple

Macintosh IIx, Apple

Macintosh LC, Apple

Macintosh LC II, Apple

Macintosh LC III, Apple

Macintosh Plus, Apple

Macintosh Portable, Apple

Macintosh SE, Apple

Macintosh SE FDHD, Apple

Macintosh SE/30, Apple

MAD 1, Mad Computer

MAD-1, Mad Computer

Magnum, Dulmont

Mariner 4i, Tatung

Mark II, Sord

Mark-8, Radio Electronics

Mars-1, Hitachi

MAX, Xerox

Max 1, Unknown

MB 1650, Panafacom Limited

MB 6890, Hitachi

MB H1, Hitachi

MB H2, Hitachi

MB H80, Hitachi

MB-H1, Hitachi

MB-H2, Hitachi

MB-H80, Hitachi

MBC, Sanyo

MBC 1000, Sanyo

MBC 1200, Sanyo

MBC 1250, Sanyo

MBC 4050, Sanyo

MBC 550, Sanyo

MBC 555-1-E, Sanyo

MBC 555-2-D, Sanyo

MBC 775, Sanyo

MC-10, Tandy Radio Shack

MC8010, Schneider

MCS4, Intel

MCS8 8008, Intel

MCS8I 8080, Intel

MDS 6500, Commodore

MDS Micro Development System, Intel

MDS800, Intel

ME-1600, Western Digital


ME29 model 33, ICL

ME29 model 37, ICL

ME29 model 45, ICL

ME29 model 54, ICL

Mega 1, Atari

Mega 2, Atari

Mega 4, Atari

Mega ST-1, Atari

Mega ST-2, Atari

Mega ST-4, Atari

Mega STE, Atari

Mega STE-1, Atari

Mega STE-2, Atari

Melcom 1101F, Mitsubishi

Melcom 1530, Mitsubishi

Melcom 3100/10, Mitsubishi

Melcom 3100/30, Mitsubishi

Melcom 3100/50, Mitsubishi

Melcom 70, Mitsubishi

Melcom 9100/30, Mitsubishi

Meritum-1, Mera-Elzab

MG1, Unknown

MIC-500, Multitech


Micral 30, R2e

Micral 80-22, R2e

Micral 90.20, R2e

Micral 90.50, R2e

Micro 16, Fujitzu

Micro 16s, Fujitzu

Micro 7, Fujitzu

Micro 8, Fujitzu

Micro Ace, Compshop

MicroBee 128k, MicroBee

MicroBee 32, Unknown

MicroBee 64k, MicroBee

Microframe, Tycom

Micromega, Thomson

microNOVA, Data General

MicroPac, PCS

MicroPac 80, PCS

Microprofessor, Multitech

Microprofessor MPF I-65, Multitech

Microprofessor MPF I-88, Multitech

Microprofessor MPF IB, Multitech

Microprofessor MPF II, Multitech

Microprofessor MPF III, Multitech

Microprofessor MPF IP, Multitech

Microprofessor MPF PC, Multitech

Microtan-65, Tangerine

MicroVax, DEC

MicroVax 2000, DEC

MicroVax 3100, DEC

MicroVax 3200, DEC

MicroVax 3500, DEC



Miktoset 8080, Siemens

Mini Pro, Rair

miniDAP, ICL

MiniMicro, Rair

Miproc, Plessey Microsystems

Mitac 500, Unknown

MK14, Sinclair

ML8000, Mitsubishi

MLF48, Mitsubishi

MLF80, Mitsubishi

MLFX1, Mitsubishi

MLFX2, Mitsubishi

MLG1, Mitsubishi

MLG3, Mitsubishi

MMD-1, E&L

MN 1610, Panafacom Limited

MN 1630, Panafacom Limited

MO5, Thomson

MO5E, Thomson

MO5NR, Thomson

MO6, Thomson

Mod. 500, Ohio Scientific, Inc.

Model 16, Hewlett-Packard

Model 2, Bondwell

Modell 500, Ohio Scientific, Inc.

MP/20, Data General

MP1000, APF

MPC 10, Sanyo

MPC 11, Sanyo

MPC 5, Sanyo

MPC 64, Sanyo

MPC X, Sanyo

MPC-80, Ce-Tec

MPC100, Sanyo

MSX, Ce-Tec

MTX-500, Memotech

MTX-512, Memotech

Mupid I, Mupid

MV/1000, Data General

MV/10000, Data General

MV/1400DC, Data General

MV/2000DC, Data General

MV/2500DC, Data General

MV/40000, Data General

MV/40000HA, Data General

MV/4000T, Data General

MV/6000, Data General

MV/8000, Data General

MX 2, Siemens

MX-10, Casio

MX-2, Siemens

MX180, Radiola

MX64, Daewoo

MZ 1500, Sharp

MZ 2000, Sharp

MZ 2200, Sharp

MZ 2500, Sharp

MZ 3500, Sharp

MZ 3541, Sharp

MZ 6500, Sharp

MZ 711, Sharp

MZ 721, Sharp

MZ 731, Sharp

MZ 80A, Sharp

MZ 80B, Sharp

MZ 80C, Sharp

MZ 80K, Sharp

MZ 811, Sharp

MZ 821, Sharp

MZ-1500, Sharp

MZ-2000, Sharp

MZ-2200, Sharp

MZ-2500, Sharp

MZ-3500, Sharp

MZ-3541, Sharp

MZ-5500, Sharp

MZ-5600, Sharp

MZ-6500, Sharp

MZ-711, Sharp

MZ-721, Sharp

MZ-731, Sharp

MZ-80A, Sharp

MZ-80B, Sharp

MZ-80C, Sharp

MZ-80K, Sharp

MZ-811, Sharp

MZ-821, Sharp


N-8450, NCR

Nascom 1, Lynx Electronics

Nascom 2, Lynx Electronics

Nascom 3, Lynx Electronics

NEAC 1101, NEC

NEAC 1210, NEC

NEAC 1240, NEC

NEAC 2101, NEC

NEAC 2200/100, NEC

NEAC 2200/200, NEC

NEAC 2200/300, NEC

NEAC 2200/400, NEC

NEAC 2200/50, NEC

NEAC 2200/500, NEC

NEAC 2201, NEC

NEAC 2203, NEC

NEAC 2204, NEC

NEAC 2205, NEC

NEAC 2206, NEC

NEAC 2230, NEC

NEAC 2400, NEC

NEAC 3100, NEC

NEAC 3200/70, NEC

NEAC 3800, NEC


Newbrain, Grundy Business Systems

Newbrain A, Grundy Business Systems

Newbrain AD, Grundy Business Systems

Newbrain M, Grundy Business Systems

NeXTstation, NeXT

NMS8245, Philips

NMS8250, Philips

NMS8255, Philips

NMS8280, Philips

NN601, Data General


Nova, Data General

Nova 1200, Data General

Nova 1210, Data General

Nova 1220, Data General

Nova 1230, Data General

Nova 2, Data General

Nova 2/10, Data General

Nova 2/4, Data General

Nova 3, Data General

Nova 3/D, Data General

Nova 4, Data General

Nova 800, Data General

Nova 820, Data General

Nova 840, Data General

NWT, Fujitzu


OA3200, Compucorp

OM 8064, Tashki Computer System

Oric-1, Oric

Osborne 1, Osborne

Osborne 3, Osborne

Osborne 5, Osborne


P1000, Philips

P128, Commodore

P2000, Philips

P2000C, Philips

P2000V, Philips

P2009, Philips

P2009/16, Philips

P2010, Philips

P2012, Philips

P3030, Olivetti

P3100, Philips

P3500, Philips

P4000, Philips

P500, Commodore

P6060, Olivetti

P6066, Olivetti

P800M, Philips

P850, Philips

P850/3U, Philips

P850/6U, Philips

P850/PSC, Philips

P851, Philips

P852, Philips

P855, Philips

P856, Philips

P857, Philips

P860, Philips

P860M, Philips

P9201, Philips

P9202, Philips

PASCAL, Philips

PB-1000, Casio

PB-700, Casio

PB-770, Casio


PC, Nokia

PC, Eagle


PC 100, Siemens

PC 1715, Hewlett-Packard

PC 1715W, Hewlett-Packard

PC 2000, Lambda Electronics Limited

PC 3000, Lambda Electronics Limited

PC 3270, IBM

PC 60, Plessey Microsystems

PC 7300, AT&T

PC 8000, NEC

PC 810-30, Thaler

PC portable, IBM

PC-1, Commodore

PC-10, Commodore

PC-100, Siemens

PC-1245, Sharp

PC-1246, Sharp

PC-1247, Sharp

PC-1248, Sharp

PC-1251, Sharp

PC-1260, Sharp

PC-1262, Sharp

PC-1350, Sharp

PC-1360, Sharp

PC-1401, Sharp

PC-1402, Sharp

PC-1403, Sharp

PC-1421, Sharp

PC-1430, Sharp

PC-1450, Sharp

PC-1500, Sharp

PC-1500A, Sharp

PC-1512, Amstrad

PC-1600, Sharp

PC-1640, Amstrad

PC-2, Fujitzu

PC-20, Commodore

PC-2500, Sharp

PC-30, Commodore

PC-3100, Sharp

PC-3101, Sharp

PC-3103, Sharp

PC-3200, Sharp

PC-5, Commodore

PC-5000, Sharp

PC-60, Plessey Microsystems

PC-6000, NEC

PC-6001A, NEC

PC-8000, NEC

PC-8001, NEC

PC-8201A, NEC

PC-8300, NEC

PC-8401, NEC

PC-8500, NEC

PC-8800, NEC




PC-XT Model 370, IBM


PC20, Amstrad

PC200, Sinclair

PC6300 Plus, AT&T

PCD, Siemens


PCS II, Wang


PCW-8256, Amstrad

PCW-8512, Amstrad

PCW-9512, Amstrad

PcW16, Amstrad

PDC Contrast, Unknown



PDP-11/03, DEC

PDP-11/04, DEC

PDP-11/05, DEC

PDP-11/10, DEC

PDP-11/15, DEC

PDP-11/20, DEC

PDP-11/23, DEC

PDP-11/23+, DEC

PDP-11/24, DEC

PDP-11/34, DEC

PDP-11/34a, DEC

PDP-11/34c, DEC

PDP-11/35, DEC

PDP-11/40, DEC

PDP-11/44, DEC

PDP-11/45, DEC

PDP-11/50, DEC

PDP-11/53, DEC

PDP-11/55, DEC

PDP-11/60, DEC

PDP-11/70, DEC

PDP-11/73, DEC

PDP-11/74, DEC

PDP-11/83, DEC

PDP-11/84, DEC

PDP-11/93, DEC

PDP-11/94, DEC


PDP-12/30, DEC
















PDT-11/110, DEC

PDT-11/130, DEC

PDT-11/150, DEC

Peanut DS 64, Unknown

Pencil, Hanimex

Pencil II, Hanimex

People, Olympia

PEPE, Burroughs


Personal Iris, Silicon Graphics

Personal Mini, Televideo

Personal Mini 16, Televideo

PET 2001, Commodore

PET 2001 16B, Commodore

PET 2001 16N, Commodore

PET 2001 32B, Commodore

PET 2001 32N, Commodore

PET 2001 8B, Commodore

PET 2001 8N, Commodore

PETER, Philips

PFL-16A, Panafacom Limited

PHC25, Sanyo

PHC28, Sanyo

PHC30, Sanyo

Pied Piper, STM

Pivot, Morrow

Pivot II, Morrow

Plus/4, Commodore

Polo, Osborne

Portable, Compaq

Portable 286, Compaq

Portable II, Compaq

Portable PC, Panasonic

Portable Plus, Compaq

Portal, R2e

Portfolio, Atari

POWER 3000, Unknown

Power 3000, Lambda Electronics Limited

PPC512, Amstrad

PPC640, Amstrad

PPS-4/2, Rockwell

PPS-8, Rockwell

PR 8000, Philips

Prodest PC1, Olivetti

Professional Computer, Wang

Profi 203, David Computer

Programma 101, Olivetti

Proteus, Unknown

Proteus III A, Unknown

Proton, Acorn

ProXT, Unknown

PS/2 Model 30, IBM

PS/2 Model 35SX, IBM

PS/2 Model 50, IBM

PS/2 Model 50Z, IBM

PS/2 Model 55SX, IBM

PS/2 Model 57SX, IBM

PS/2 Model 60, IBM

PS/2 Model 70, IBM

PS/2 Model 70-386, IBM

PS/2 Model 70-A21, IBM

PS/2 Model 80, IBM

PS/2 Model 95, IBM

PSI80, Kontron

PSI98, Kontron

PT-80, Plantron

PT30, Unknown

PV-7, Casio

PX-4, Epson

PX-7, Pioneer

PX-8, Epson

PX-80, Epson


QL, Sinclair

QL-10, Epson

Quadra 700, Apple

Quadra 900, Apple

Quadra 950, Apple

QX-10, Epson

QX-16, Epson


R10, Siemens

R140, Acorn

R20, Siemens

R225, Acorn

R260, Acorn

R30, Siemens

R40, Siemens

Rainbow 100, DEC

RC 900, Regnecentralen

RC 950, Regnecentralen

RHC-44, Unknown

RiscPC 600 2M HD210, Acorn

RiscPC 600 5M HD210, Acorn

RiscPC 600 9M HD420, Acorn

RiscPC 700 10M HD850, Acorn

RiscPC 700 4M HD425, Acorn

RiscPC 700 5M HD425, Acorn

RL-H7000, Panasonic

RML 380Z, Research Machines

RML 480Z, Research Machines

RS-128, Memotech

RT 6150, IBM

RX-80, Epson


S-3800-480, Hitachi

S-810, Hitachi

S10, MAI


SAM Coupé, MGT

SAM Coupe, MGT





SB-1600, Western Digital

SC3000, Sega

Scelbi-8B, Scelbi Computer Consulting Company

Scelbi-8H, Scelbi Computer Consulting Company

SCU, Xerox

SDK85, Intel

Sears Video Arcade, Atari

Series 39 level 30, ICL

Series 39 level 89, ICL

Series/1 Model 3, IBM

Series/1 Model 5, IBM

Series/1-30D, IBM

Series/1-4950, IBM

Series/1-4954, IBM

Series/1-4955F, IBM

Series/1-4955SC, IBM

Series/1-4956-G10, IBM

Series/1-4956E, IBM

Series/1-5170-495, IBM

Series/1-5170-496, IBM

SF-7500, Casio

Sicomp PC 16, Siemens

Sicomp PC-16, Siemens

Sigma 3, Xerox

Sigma 5, Xerox

Sigma 9, Xerox

Sirius 1, ACT

SKS-2500, Nano

SLT/286, Compaq

SM 1-5, Unknown

SMC-70, Sony

Sol-10, Processor Technology

Sol-20, Processor Technology

Sol-20 System I, Processor Technology

Sol-20 System II, Processor Technology

Sol-20 System III, Processor Technology

Sol-PC, Processor Technology

Solid State 80, Univac

Solid State 90, Univac

Sorcerer, Exidy

Sorcerer II, Exidy

SP9000, Commodore

Sparc LT, Toshiba

SPARCcenter 2000, Sun Microsystems

SPARCclassic, Sun Microsystems

SPARCclassic M, Sun Microsystems

SPARCclassic X, Sun Microsystems

SPARCcluster 1, Sun Microsystems

SPARCengine 1, Sun Microsystems

SPARCserver 1, Sun Microsystems

SPARCserver 1+, Sun Microsystems

SPARCserver 2, Sun Microsystems

SPARCserver 20, Sun Microsystems

SPARCserver 330, Sun Microsystems

SPARCserver 370, Sun Microsystems

SPARCserver 390, Sun Microsystems

SPARCserver 470, Sun Microsystems

SPARCserver 490, Sun Microsystems

SPARCserver 5, Sun Microsystems

SPARCserver 6xxMP/xx, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 1, Sun Microsystems

SPARCStation 1+, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 10/20, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 10/30, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 10/40, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 10/402, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 10/41, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 10/412, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 10/51, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 10/512, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 10/514, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 10/52, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 10/54, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 10/61, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 10/612, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 10/71, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 10/712, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 10M, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 2, Sun Microsystems

SPARCStation 20/50, Sun Microsystems

SPARCStation 20/502, Sun Microsystems

SPARCStation 20/51, Sun Microsystems

SPARCStation 20/514, Sun Microsystems

SPARCStation 20/61, Sun Microsystems

SPARCStation 20/612, Sun Microsystems

SPARCStation 20/71, Sun Microsystems

SPARCStation 20/712, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 20M, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 3, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 330, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 370, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 4, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 470, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation 5, Sun Microsystems

SPARCStation ELC, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation IPC, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation IPX, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation LX/ZX, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation SLC, Sun Microsystems

SPARCstation Voyager, Sun Microsystems

SPARK-16, Fairchild

Spectra 70/15, RCA

Spectra 70/25, RCA

Spectra 70/35, RCA

Spectra 70/45, RCA

Spectra 70/46, RCA

Spectra 70/55, RCA

Spectra 70/60, RCA

Spectra 70/61, RCA


Speedmaster, TCS Trommeschlaeger


SpiritXL, Eagle

Squale, Apollo 7

SR-2201, Hitachi

SS-16, Technico


ST Book, Atari

STacy, Atari

Stacy 1, Atari

Stacy 2, Atari

Stacy 4, Atari

Star 1109, Xerox

Star 8010, Xerox

Star ST100, Unknown

STEP, Univac

STEVIN, Philips

STPad, Atari

Stratos, Oric

StrongARM RiscPC, Acorn

Sun 1, Sun Microsystems

Sun 2/120, Sun Microsystems

Sun 2/130, Sun Microsystems

Sun 2/160, Sun Microsystems

Sun 2/170, Sun Microsystems

Sun 2/50, Sun Microsystems

Sun 3/110, Sun Microsystems

Sun 3/140, Sun Microsystems

Sun 3/150, Sun Microsystems

Sun 3/160, Sun Microsystems

Sun 3/180, Sun Microsystems

Sun 3/260, Sun Microsystems

Sun 3/280, Sun Microsystems

Sun 3/460, Sun Microsystems

Sun 3/470, Sun Microsystems

Sun 3/480, Sun Microsystems

Sun 3/50, Sun Microsystems

Sun 3/60, Sun Microsystems

Sun 3/60LE, Sun Microsystems

Sun 3/75, Sun Microsystems

Sun 3/E, Sun Microsystems

Sun 386i/150, Sun Microsystems

Sun 386i/260, Sun Microsystems

Sun 4/110, Sun Microsystems

Sun 4/150, Sun Microsystems

Sun 4/260, Sun Microsystems

Sun 4/280, Sun Microsystems

Sun 4/310, Sun Microsystems

Sun 4/350, Sun Microsystems

Sun 4/360, Sun Microsystems

Sun 4/380, Sun Microsystems

Sun 486i, Sun Microsystems

Sun-3/80, Sun Microsystems

Super Nova, Data General

Superboard II, Ohio Scientific, Inc.

Superbrain, Intertec

Superbrain II, Intertec

Superbrain II Jr, Intertec

SuperMicro, Rair

Supernova SC, Data General

SVI-318, Spectravideo

SVI-328, Spectravideo

SVI-728, Spectravideo

SVI-738, Spectravideo




SX-3/44, NEC


SX-4/32, NEC

SX-64, Commodore

SYM, Synertek

Symbolics 3600, Scientific Computer

System 0, Cromemco

System 1, Acorn

System 1, Tulip

System 2, Acorn

System 23 Datamaster, IBM

System 25, ICL

System 250, Plessey Microsystems

System 3, Acorn

System 32, IBM

System 34, IBM

System 36, IBM

System 38, IBM

System 4, Taylorix

System 4, Acorn

System 4, ICL

System 4 CB, Taylorix

System 4/CB, Taylorix

System 5, Acorn

System 68, Plessey Microsystems

System 68 Mantra, Plessey Microsystems

System 80/20, Intel

System III, Plessey Microsystems

System/23 DataMaster, IBM

System/3, IBM

System/3 Model 10, IBM

System/3 Model 15, IBM

System/3 Model 6, IBM

System/3 Model 8, IBM

System/32, IBM

System/34, IBM

System/36-5362, IBM

System/36-5363, IBM

System/36-5363P, IBM

System/38, IBM

System/38-100, IBM

System/38-200, IBM

System/38-300, IBM

System/38-400, IBM

System/38-600, IBM

System/38-700, IBM

System/400 B10, IBM

System/400 B20, IBM

System/400 B30, IBM

System/400 B40, IBM

System/400 B50, IBM

System/400 B60, IBM

System/6000, IBM

System/88-4576-50, IBM

System/88-4576-81, IBM

System/88-4578, IBM

System/88-4579, IBM

SystemPro, Compaq


T-100, Toshiba

T100, Toshiba

T1100, Toshiba

T1500, Toshiba

T250, Toshiba

T300, Toshiba

Tandy 1000, Tandy Radio Shack

Tandy 1000A, Tandy Radio Shack

Tandy 1000EX, Tandy Radio Shack

Tandy 1000HX, Tandy Radio Shack

Tandy 1000SX, Tandy Radio Shack

Tandy 1000TX, Tandy Radio Shack

Tandy PC-1, Tandy Radio Shack

Tandy PC-2, Tandy Radio Shack

Tandy PC-3, Tandy Radio Shack

Tandy PC-4, Tandy Radio Shack

Tandy PC-6, Tandy Radio Shack

TC 3500, Burroughs

TC 500, Burroughs

TC800, Olivetti

TCS 6000 c, Tatung

TCS_6000_c, Tatung

Telestrat, Oric

TeleTote, Televideo

Thor, Unknown

TI 74, Texas Instruments

TI 95, Texas Instruments

TI-74, Texas Instruments

TI-95, Texas Instruments

TI-99/2, Texas Instruments

TI-99/4, Texas Instruments

TI-99/4A, Texas Instruments

TI-99/8, Texas Instruments

Tiki 100c, Kontiki Data

TK82, Microdigital

TK83, Microdigital

TK85, Microdigital

TK90X, Microdigital

TO7, Thomson

TO7-70, Thomson

TO8, Thomson

TO8D, Thomson

TO9, Thomson

TO9 Plus, Thomson

TOM 4000, Tandberg

TOSBAC 3225A, Toshiba

TOSBAC 3300, Toshiba

TOSBAC 3400, Toshiba

TOSBAC 40, Toshiba

TOSBAC 4200, Toshiba

TOSBAC 4300, Toshiba

TOSBAC 5100/20, Toshiba

TOSBAC 5100/30, Toshiba

TOSBAC 5200, Toshiba

TOSBAC 5300, Toshiba

TOSBAC 5400/10, Toshiba

TOSBAC 5400/20, Toshiba

TOSBAC 7000/60, Toshiba


Tower 32/800, NCR

Tower 32/S, NCR

TPC II, Televideo

TPC-310, Talent Telematica

TPC_II, Televideo

Tragon 31, Siemens

Tragon-31, Siemens

Transdata-810, Siemens

Transdata-960, Siemens

Transdata-9781, Siemens

Transputer, Atari

Tricep, Morrow

TRS MC-10, Tandy Radio Shack

TRS-80 CoCo, Tandy Radio Shack

TRS-80, Tandy Radio Shack

TRS-80 Color Computer, Tandy Radio Shack

TRS-80 Color Computer 2, Tandy Radio Shack

TRS-80 Color Computer 3, Tandy Radio Shack

TRS-80 Model 100, Tandy Radio Shack

TRS-80 Model 12, Tandy Radio Shack

TRS-80 Model 16, Tandy Radio Shack

TRS-80 Model 16B, Tandy Radio Shack

TRS-80 Model 200, Tandy Radio Shack

TRS-80 Model 2000, Tandy Radio Shack

TRS-80 Model 4D, Tandy Radio Shack

TRS-80 Model 4P, Tandy Radio Shack

TRS-80 Model 600, Tandy Radio Shack

TRS-80 Model II, Tandy Radio Shack

TRS-80 Model III, Tandy Radio Shack

TRS-80 Model IV, Tandy Radio Shack

TS 1605, Televideo

TS 2605, Televideo

TS 804, Televideo

TS-1000, Timex

TS-1500, Timex

TS-1600, Televideo

TS-1605, Televideo

TS-2000, Timex

TS-2068, Timex

TS-2605, Televideo

TS-803, Televideo

TS-804, Televideo

TT030, Atari

TVI-950, Televideo

TVTS 803, Televideo

TVTS-1605, Televideo

TVTS-803, Televideo

TX 25, Canon

TX 8000, Texet


UDEC, Burroughs

UDEC II, Burroughs

UDEC III, Burroughs

UNIVAC 1004, Univac

UNIVAC 1005, Univac

UNIVAC 1101, Univac

UNIVAC 1102, Univac

UNIVAC 1103, Univac

UNIVAC 1103A, Univac

UNIVAC 1104, Univac

UNIVAC 1105, Univac

UNIVAC 120, Univac

UNIVAC 1218, Univac

UNIVAC 418, Univac

UNIVAC 490, Univac

UNIVAC 60, Univac

UNIVAC I, Univac



uPD7281, NEC


V-20, Canon

V-25, Canon

V-8450, NCR

V-8500, NCR

V-8585-II, NCR

V-8595-II, NCR

V-8600, NCR

V-8635, NCR

V-8645, NCR

V-8655, NCR

V-8665, NCR

V-8675, NCR

V-8685, NCR

V-8800, NCR

V-8835, NCR

V-8845, NCR

V-8855, NCR

V-8865, NCR

V-8875, NCR

V-8885, NCR

V-8895, NCR

Vaden, Osborne

VAX 4000-500, DEC

VAX 5400, DEC

VAX 5800, DEC

VAX 6000-400, DEC

VAX 6000-600, DEC

VAX 6200, DEC

VAX 6300, DEC

VAX 8200, DEC

VAX 8300, DEC

VAX 8500, DEC

VAX 8530, DEC

VAX 8600, DEC

VAX 8650, DEC

VAX 8700, DEC

VAX 8800, DEC

VAX 8840, DEC

VAX 9000, DEC

VAX 9000-420, DEC

VAX-11/725, DEC

VAX-11/730, DEC

VAX-11/750, DEC

VAX-11/780, DEC

VAX-11/782, DEC

VAX-11/785, DEC

VAX/6000-600, DEC


VAXStation, DEC

VAXStation 2000, DEC

VAXStation 3000, DEC

VAXStation 3100, DEC

VAXStation 8000, DEC

VAXStation I, DEC

VAXStation II, DEC

VCS 2600, Atari



Vector 1, Vector Graphics

Vector 4, Vector Graphics

Vector Graphics MZ, Vector Graphics

Vectrex, General Consumer

Vegas 6809, Vegas

VG-5000, Philips

VG-8000, Philips

VG-8010, Philips

VG-8020, Philips

VG-8220, Philips

VG-8230, Philips

VG-8235, Philips

VG-8240, Philips

VG-8245, Philips

VIC-20, Commodore

Victor 9000, ACT

Video Computer System, Atari

Video Genie, EACA

Video Genie I, EACA

Video Genie II, EACA

Video Genie III, EACA

Visual 1050, Unknown

Vixen, Osborne

VP-100, Fujitzu

VP-200, Fujitzu

VP-2000, Fujitzu

VP-2600, Fujitzu

VP-400, Fujitzu

VPP-300, Fujitzu

VPP-500, Fujitzu

VPP-700, Fujitzu

VS-5E, Wang

VS-6E, Wang

VS-7010, Wang

VS-7110, Wang

VS-7120, Wang

VS-7150, Wang

VS-7310, Wang

VS-7320, Wang

VS-75E, Wang

VX 384, Vectrix

VZ-200, Dick Smith Electronics

VZ-300, Dick Smith Electronics


Wavy10, Sanyo

Wavy23, Sanyo

Wavy70, Sanyo

Wavy77, Sanyo

WD-90, Western Digital

WD-900, Western Digital

WD-9000, Western Digital

WD2000, Unknown

Welect 80.2, Unknown

Wicat, Thorn EMI

Worldmark 5100M, NCR

Wren, Thorn EMI

WS 1, Ampere

WS-10, Comart Computers

WS-20, Comart Computers

WS-40, Comart Computers



X-07, Canon

X1, Sharp

X1C, Sharp

X1D, Sharp

X1turbo, Sharp

X1turboZ, Sharp

X417MT, Altos

X838MT, Altos

XE Game System, Atari

XEGS, Atari

XOR, Data Science

Xpress 16, Spectravideo

Xtra, ITT


YC-100, Kyocera

YC-64, Kyocera

Yeno DPH-64, Sega

Yes, Philips

YIS303, Yamaha

YIS503, Yamaha

YIS604, Yamaha


Z 9001, Hewlett-Packard

Z-1013, Hewlett-Packard

Z-9001, Hewlett-Packard

Z1, Cromemco

Z100, Zenith

Z110, Zenith

Z120, Zenith

Z138, Zenith

Z148, Zenith

Z150, Zenith

Z160, Zenith

Z2, Cromemco

Z2H, Cromemco

Z2H/GS, Cromemco

Z80 Starter Kit, Micro Design

Z88, Cambridge Computers

Z89, Zenith

ZX-80, Sinclair

ZX-81, Sinclair

ZX-Spectrum, Sinclair

ZX-Spectrum 128k, Sinclair

ZX-Spectrum Plus, Sinclair

ZX-Spectrum Plus 2, Sinclair

ZX-Spectrum Plus 2A, Sinclair

ZX-Spectrum Plus 3, Sinclair

ZX80, Sinclair

ZX81, Sinclair