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The UNIVAC 418 was a 18 bits binary computer, using one's complement arithmetic. The ALU was fundamentally subtractive, addition being carried out by subtracting the one's complement of the number to be added. This may appear rather strange, but the subtractive adder reduces the chance of getting negative zero in normal operations.(help us)
None.(help us)
The UNIVAC 418-I core memory held 4,096 to 16,384 words, equivalent to 9 KiB to 36 KiB. The UNIVAC 418-II core memory held 4,096 to 65,536 words, equivalent to 9 KiB to 144 KiB. The UNIVAC 418-III core memory held 32,768 to 131,072 words, equivalent to 72 KiB to 288 KiB. (help us)
The UNIVAC 1218, a militarized version of the UNIVAC 418-I weighed about 341 kg (751.8 lb). (help us)
Unknown.(help us)
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Unknown.(help us)
Peripheral Memory
Unknown.(help us)
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