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The File 2 was a mainframe computer with 72 bits per word. It used excess-3 binary coded decimal arithmetic with 6 bits per digit, allowing 11 digit signed numbers. Instructions were 72 bits long. It was an upgraded implementation of the File Computer.

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Core memory of 1740 words was added (a field upgrade on a File 1). Although it is not entirely a fair comparison, because this was a word oriented decimal machine, this is about 15.3 KiB .

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Peripheral Memory
General data storage magnetic drum memory (average access time 17 milliseconds) provided 15,000 words per drum. With the maximum of 10 drums, (although it is not entirely a fair comparison, because this was a word oriented decimal machine) this is equivalent to 1.29 MiB of drum memory.(help us)
1 to 10 General data storage magnetic drum units, 1 Tape collating processor, 1 to 10 "input-output devices".

An "input/output device" consisted of an inquiry typewriter, a punched card unit (for either 80 or 90 column cards), a paper tape unit, a printer, and optionally a magnetic tape drive. They could operate interactively or do offline transaction processing independent of the computer.

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