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With the lid open, the ACE looks just like an Apple II. The board is similar, the PSU is at the same place (but this one has a fan), even the silly cheapo Apple II openings for the cables are there. There are four cards installed. In true Apple II fashion, they are, from right to left: parallel printer port (slot 1); 80-column card and/or RGB encoder and/or RF modulator (slot 3, note the grey RCA video cable plugging in inside the case and the batch of red cables connecting to the internal video output connector on the mainboard); some other card in slot 4; and the floppy controller sitting in slot 6, its usual place. The flat cables obviously run up to the floppy drive assembly.
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Emphasis Education, First contact, Gaming, Hardware hacking, Programming
Software compatibility Apple DOS, Apple II, CP/M, ProDOS
Timeline Released: 1982
CPU type 6502
CPU word length 8 bits
CPU clock rate 1.022 MHz
ROM Size 8 KiB
RAM Size 64 KiB
Number of keys 73
Graphics modes 280x160, 280x192, 40x40, 40x48
Text modes 40x24, 80x24
Total number of colours 8
Total peripheral memory 280 KiB
Cassette tape speed 300 bps
I/O Ports 6x Apple II Expansion, Analogue joystick, Apple II Memory Expansion, Composite video, Tape recorder, User port

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