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The French Thomson MO5 (no, it doesn't mean it can handle 5 Mbytes of memory). Small, dark grey and strange but also good looking, in its own way.
320x203 JPEG file (26 KiB). Contributed by alexios (more pictures like this). Unrated (0 votes).
Source: unknown
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No known owners (I still own one | I used to own one). I have seen one.
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Emphasis Education, First contact
Timeline Released: 1984
CPU type 6809E
CPU word length 8 bits
CPU clock rate 1 MHz
ROM Size 16 KiB
RAM Size 48 KiB
Number of keys 58
Graphics modes 320x200x16
Text modes 40x25x16
Total number of colours 16
Sound channels 1
Octave range 5
Sound output Mono
I/O Ports Cartridge, Expansion, Light Pen, SCART, Tape recorder

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