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One of the first notebooks (rather than laptops), the PX-8 sports the essential multi-coloured keyboard, a folding LCD screen and a micro-cassette drive (the dark thing under the screen) under complete computer control. Too complete: the built-in CP/M thinks it's a disk drive.
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Other series members
PX-4, PX-8, PX-80.
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Pricing 148,500.00 GRD (Greece, 1985)
Emphasis Portable computing
Software compatibility CP/M 2
Timeline Released: 1983
CPU type 6301, Z80 (CMOS)
CPU word length 8 bits
CPU clock rate 614 KHz, 2.45 MHz
ROM Size 32 KiB
RAM Size 64 KiB
Graphics modes 480x64
Text modes 80x8
Total number of colours 2
I/O Ports 2x Analogue input, 2x Cartridge, Barcode reader, Expansion, RS-232, Serial, Tape recorder

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