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Corvus SystemsCorvus Concept

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The Concept features an A4 monochrome, high resolution monitor and a very good keyboard for professional work. It really deserves its name: like some modern Radius monitors (and even more modern LCDs and PDAs), the user may rotate the screen 90 degrees to obtain a normal screen. The software and hardware handles the change smoothly. And you thought there actually were new ideas in the computer industry, eh?
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Pricing 4,995.00 USD (United States, 1982), 5,995.00 USD (United States, 1982)
Emphasis Business, Workstation
Software compatibility CP/M, P-System
Hardware compatibility Apple II
Timeline Released: 1982
CPU type 68000
CPU word length 16 bits
CPU clock rate 8 MHz
ROM Size 4 KiB
RAM Size 256 KiB, 512 KiB
Maximum RAM Size 512 KiB
Keyboard Detachable keyboard
Number of keys 91
Dimensions 38.1 x 38.1 x 35.6 cm (15.0 x 15.0 x 14.0 in)
Graphics modes 520x720x2, 720x520x2
Text modes 120x56x2, 90x72x2
Total number of colours 2
Total peripheral memory 720 KiB, 1.2 MiB, 6 MiB, 7 MiB, 11 MiB, 17 MiB, 45 MiB
Sound channels 1
Volume/DAC resolution 1
Sound output Mono
I/O Ports 2x RS-232, 4x Expansion, Keyboard, Monitor, RS-422

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