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Bit CorporationBIT 60

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Cute, isn't it? This tiny computer is little more than a Atari 2600 compatible console, but I wouldn't mind such a good-looking VCS compatible!
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Emphasis Gaming, Home computing
Hardware compatibility Atari 2600
Timeline Released: 1983
CPU type 6502
CPU word length 8 bits
CPU clock rate 1 MHz
ROM Size 8 KiB
RAM Size 2 KiB
Maximum RAM Size 32 KiB
Keyboard Chicklet keyboard, Typewriter keyboard
Number of keys 47, 48
Graphics modes 156x192x128, 160x192x128, 160x228x128
Text modes 26x24
Total number of colours 128
Sound channels 2
Sound output Mono
Cassette tape speed 2,400 bps
I/O Ports 2x Joystick, Cartridge, TV output, Tape recorder

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References has information on the ‘el cheapo’ version of the BIT 60.