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Top :: Companies :: Hewlett-Packard
One of the few remaining big companies of the Olden Days, HP has amassed an army of extremely varied hardware ranging from mainframes to programmable pocket calculators (possibly with greater computing power than said mainframes).
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Top :: Companies :: Hewlett-Packard :: Computers
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100 Series

[-1]HP-150 II

1000 Series

[-1]HP-1000 model 80

2000 Series


21MX Series

[-1]HP-21MX K

3000 Series

[-1]HP-3000 series 30
[-1]HP-3000 series 33
[-1]HP-3000 series 58
[-1]HP-3000 series 52
[-1]HP-3000 series 930
[-1]HP-3000 series 70
[-1]HP-3000 series 950
[-1]HP-3000 series 925
[-1]HP-3000 series 935
[-1]HP-3000 series 955

9000 Series


9xxx Series