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Back in ye olden days, Apple effectively owned the US market and reigned in educational software. Acorn was its counterpart in the UK. This legendary little company from Cambridge made one of the best European micros, the BBC, which monopolised the UK educational market.

The BBC takes its name from the British Broadcasting Corporation. The network decided to do a TV series on computers, at some point in the early Eighties. They held a competition to decide which computer to use in the show. Acorn gave its development team two weeks to come up with a prototype. They came up with the Proton, also known as BBC.

I can't even think what would have happened if they had enough time in their hands. The next time they brainstormed, they came up with the Archimedes, the first RISC workstation for home use and, more recently, they created the StrongARM, a dreamy little RISC CPU (the brains of recent Apple Newtons).

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32-bit RISC Series

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