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Data General

These are the people who made the Data General Nova|Nova, one of the most famous series of mainframes and minis ever. In this day and age, of course, they're all but completely unknown.
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DS Series


Eclipse Series

[-1]Eclipse S/200
[-1]Eclipse S/100
[-1]C/300 Eclipse
[-1]Eclipse MV
[-1]Eclipse MV/4000
[-1]Eclipse MV/8000II
[-1]Eclipse MV/8000C
[-1]Eclipse MV/10000SX
[-1]Eclipse MV/20000
[-1]Eclipse MV/4000DC
[-1]Eclipse MV/15000-10
[-1]Eclipse MV/15000-20
[-1]Eclipse MV/15000-8
[-1]Eclipse MV/7800DC
[-1]Eclipse MV/7800
[-1]Eclipse MV/7800XP
[-1]Eclipse MV/7800DCX

MV Series


Nova Series

[0]Nova 1210
[0]Nova 1220
[0]Nova 3
[0]Nova 3/D
[0]Nova 840
[0]Super Nova
[-1]Nova 800
[-1]Nova 820
[-1]Supernova SC
[-1]Nova 1200
[-1]Nova 1230
[-1]Nova 2
[-1]Nova 2/4
[-1]Nova 2/10
[-1]Nova 4