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This is the recovered Machine Room from 2005. Please don't expect wonders. The look and feel of this site is nine years old, and so is its code. Some of the functionality has been recovered while the rest of the site is modernised and restructured. Watch this space!
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Pyramid Technology Corporation

Pyramid Technology was a "hot rod" UNIX computer manufacturer, founded in 1984 and completely bought-out by Siemens-Nixdorf in 1994. Pyramid's first product, the 90x was a single proprietary RISC CPU running at about 3MHz. The first commercially available dual-processor RISC UNIX system, Pyramid's 98x shipping in late 1985 and ran at about 7MHz. Pyramid's last product remains alive, but through numerous corporate consolidations and mergers (Siemens -> Fujitsu -> Amdahl) I am not sure who owns what was called the "Meshine" internally to Pyramid.
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