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The Machine Room is Back!
This is the recovered Machine Room from 2005. Please don't expect wonders. The look and feel of this site is nine years old, and so is its code. Some of the functionality has been recovered while the rest of the site is modernised and restructured. Watch this space!
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Vectrex was a one-hit-wonder with a small, 8080 based vector graphics arcade system. The machine had a portrait layout screen (green phosphor), and a multi-voice synthesizer. Games loaded via a cartridge slot in the side of the case, and they often included a colored screen overlay to add depth to the display. The Vectrex was a self contained arcade machine with a fold-out control panel that had a joystick and three buttons, and a port for a second controller for multi-player games. Other remarkable add-ons included a light-pen and animation package that let the user create crude, but fun animations from a library of available sprites, and at the end of development 3-D games were released with 3-D LCD glasses that plugged in to the auxiliary game port. Games included: Armor Attack, Scramble, Star Castle, Star Trek, and many, many more.
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