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Friends call it TI. One of the most important companies ever: Texas Instruments invented the microchip in 1958-59 (along with Fairchild Semiconductors), they (along with their arch-competitor, Hewlett-Packard) were among the pioneers of electronic calculators. In 1976, TI created the first single-chip 16-bit processor (the TMS-9900 — no, it wasn't the Intel 8086 or the Motorola 68000) among a lot of other integrated circuits. They made immense contributions to the Home Computer Boom of the late seventies and early eighties with one of the most loved home micros (the TI-99/4A). And then... they let it all die and were one of the first companies to start the collapse of the Golden Age of home computing. Still, a big classic company if there ever was one. Their computers relied heavily on the company's own chips (of course), though you'll find them on lots of other architectures, like the MSX.
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