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Top :: Companies :: Tandy Radio Shack
Also known as Tandy or even TRS. Another very famous classic computer company in the United States. Made heaps of different machines, most of which were pretty successful (if a bit flaky, for some early attempts). If imitation (and cloning) is the sincerest form of flattery, then Tandy has been flattered regularly by lots of other manufacturers.
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1000 Series

[0]Tandy 1000
[-1]Tandy 1000A
[-1]Tandy 1000TX
[-1]Tandy 1000SX
[-1]Tandy 1000HX
[-1]Tandy 1000EX

PC Series

[0]Tandy PC-1
[0]Tandy PC-4
[-1]Tandy PC-2
[-1]Tandy PC-3
[-1]Tandy PC-6