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Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems (which initially stood for Stanford University Network) carved itself a market, namely the workstation market. They went from a tiny little hackish company of four employees in 1982 to the global giant they are today. They've produced a wide selection of workstations using a few different CPUs. After some point, they designed their own CPU standard, the SPARC. Various Sun CPUs implement this standard and there are new versions coming out almost every year, as well as new machines that use them. Of course, only the older ones have entries in the database, though all of them are listed (at least the ones that are in the Sun Hardware FAQ). Anyhow, prepare for large series of workstations and servers. Please note that the SPARC series is essentially a continuation of the Sun 4 machines (all SPARC machines have a Sun 4/xxx model number as well).
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Sun 386i Series

[1]Sun 386i/150
[1]Sun 386i/260
[-1]Sun 486i

Sun 4 Series

[-1]Sun 4/260
[-1]Sun 4/110
[-1]SPARCstation 330
[-1]Sun 4/280
[-1]SPARCserver 330
[-1]Sun 4/150
[-1]SPARCstation 370
[-1]Sun 4/310
[-1]SPARCserver 370
[-1]Sun 4/350
[-1]SPARCserver 390
[-1]Sun 4/360
[-1]SPARCstation 470
[-1]Sun 4/380
[-1]SPARCserver 470
[-1]SPARCserver 490

Sun 4c Series

[-1]SPARCstation 1
[-1]SPARCserver 1
[-1]SPARCstation SLC
[-1]SPARCstation IPC
[-1]SPARCStation 1+
[-1]SPARCserver 1+
[-1]SPARCstation 2
[-1]SPARCserver 2
[-1]SPARCStation ELC
[-1]SPARCstation IPX
[-1]SPARCengine 1

Sun 4m Series

[-1]SPARCstation 10/20
[-1]SPARCStation 20/50
[-1]SPARCstation 10/30
[-1]SPARCStation 20/502
[-1]SPARCstation 10/40
[-1]SPARCStation 20/51
[-1]SPARCstation 10/402
[-1]SPARCStation 20/514
[-1]SPARCstation 10/41
[-1]SPARCStation 20/61
[-1]SPARCstation 10/412
[-1]SPARCStation 20/612
[-1]SPARCstation 10/51
[-1]SPARCStation 20/71
[-1]SPARCstation 10/512
[-1]SPARCStation 20/712
[-1]SPARCstation 10/514
[-1]SPARCstation 10/52
[-1]SPARCstation 10/54
[-1]SPARCstation 10/61
[-1]SPARCstation 10/612
[-1]SPARCstation 10/71
[-1]SPARCstation 10/712
[-1]SPARCserver 6xxMP/xx
[-1]SPARCclassic X
[-1]SPARCstation LX/ZX
[-1]SPARCstation Voyager
[-1]SPARCstation 3
[-1]SPARCclassic M
[-1]SPARCstation 10M
[-1]SPARCcluster 1
[-1]SPARCstation 5
[-1]SPARCserver 5
[-1]SPARCserver 20
[-1]SPARCstation 20M
[-1]SPARCstation 4

Sun 4d Series

[-1]SPARCcenter 2000