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One would normally expect NEC to make some sort of venture in the home computer market. The machines listed here, at least, don't, though. They're all office computers. Some even go back to the vacuum tube era!
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ACOS Series

[-1]ACOS 1500/10
[-1]ACOS 1500/20
[-1]ACOS 1500/30
[-1]ACOS 1500/40
[-1]ACOS 77

Astra Series

[-1]Astra 330vs
[-1]Astra 350vs
[-1]Astra 370vs
[-1]Astra 310vs
[-1]Astra XL/32
[-1]Astra 450
[-1]Astra 470
[-1]Astra 430

NEAC Series

[-1]NEAC 1101
[-1]NEAC 2201
[-1]NEAC 2203
[-1]NEAC 2205
[-1]NEAC 2101
[-1]NEAC 2206
[-1]NEAC 2204
[-1]NEAC 2400
[-1]NEAC 2230
[-1]NEAC 3800
[-1]NEAC 2200/200
[-1]NEAC 1210
[-1]NEAC 2200/400
[-1]NEAC 2200/100
[-1]NEAC 2200/500
[-1]NEAC 2200/300
[-1]NEAC 1240
[-1]NEAC 2200/50
[-1]NEAC 3100
[-1]NEAC 3200/70
[-1]NEAC M4-F

PC Series


SX Series



[0]PC 8000