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The Machine Room is Back!
This is the recovered Machine Room from 2005. Please don't expect wonders. The look and feel of this site is nine years old, and so is its code. Some of the functionality has been recovered while the rest of the site is modernised and restructured. Watch this space!
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You always knew that the physical size of computers has decreased over time. Now you can have proof, as well. This chart shows the physical volume of computers. Since volume tends to increase quite rapidly as dimensions increase, the vertical axis shows litres on a logarithmic scale. A litre (liter, even, for people across the Great Duck Pond) is 1000 cm3. For the metrically challenged, this amounts to around 61 cubic inches. Please note that the volume listed is the volume of a box snugly fitting the computer. Few computers are box-shaped, so the volume listed here may be somewhat inaccurate.

This graph was created automatically with Steve Grubb's Ploticus package.

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